Strength & Conditioning

Increase strength, improve posture and reduce stress

At Back2Best we offer bespoke Strength and Conditioning/Rehabilitation programs which can de delivered either face to face or we can design you a program and provide ongoing support remotely.

Strength and Conditioning has huge benefits, such as increasing bone strength, improving posture, improving stress levels, reducing the risk of suffering from an injury by 50%, increasing recovery time post injury and it also has huge performance benefits too such as increased speed, increased strength/power and increased athleticism.

The main aim of our program is to reduce your risk of suffering from an injury and to increase your performance capabilities.

We will initially carry out a detailed “Needs analysis” which will enable us to identify which physical qualities are required within your sport to enable you to perform at your maximum. It will provide us with an in-depth injury analysis of your sport and also highlight any injuries which you may currently have or have had previously.

The Needs analysis, really helps us understand your strengths and weaknesses through detailed strength and movement analysis, which therefore highlights where the majority of your training time will be spent.

Once we have conducted a Needs Analysis, we will design you a bespoke Strength and Conditioning program which will be focused on building some solid strength and movement foundations. A typical program will include exercises such as weightlifting, plyometrics, general conditioning and sport specific movements.

Once this is achieved we will progress the programs to meet your individual and sporting needs and you will undoubtedly become a more athletic, strong and robust version of you.

These programs can be delivered on a one to one basis either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We can also design you programs that you can follow yourself and we will provide on-going support and guidance.

If you would like to chat to us before coming in to be assessed